Securing property over your family residence, investment property or business requires determination and an expert lawyer to assist with the transaction. At BKLawyers, our goal is to always protect our client interests. We have years of experience with assisting first home buyers , Investment property buyers and sellers, commercial buyers, sellers and lessors, lessees, across Melbourne.  As a specialist conveyancer, we apply our extensive property law experience to ensure a smooth conveyancing process from beginning to end.

Buying  a Property?

This is what we do when you buying  a property,

  • Review of section 32 vendor’s statement and contract of sale
  • Search title to confirm that the vendor has right to sell and provides good safe holding marketable title
  • Applying all necessary certificates
  • Liaising with your Bank
  • Making enquiries to and from the Vendor’s conveyancer
  • Preparation of transfer documentation such as Transfer of Land
  • Coordinating with your lender and the vendor’s representative
  • Prepare statement of adjustments
  • Regular correspondence with you reporting on the progress of your purchase, and
  • Arrange settlement
  • Preparation of notice of acquisition and notify council and appropriate authorities of change of ownership
  • Provide you with statement of settlement figures for your records

Selling a Property?

  • Making enquiries regarding property and ordering certificates and searches;
  • Preparation of Section 32 Vendor Statement and Contract of Sale;
  • Draft if any special conditions required
  • Liaising with Agent and your Bank;
  • Receive and verify Transfer of Land documentation and relevant Goods Declaration if an.
  • Arranging settlement with all parties involved;
  • Prepare statement of adjustments.
  • Notifying relevant authorities of the change of ownership
  • Regular correspondence with you reporting on progress of sale.